Protest on Sproul Plaza during the Free Speech Movement
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It’s times like now, in early June, when Telegraph Avenue is sparse and Sproul Plaza is almost dead, when tourists outnumber students and strangers outnumber familiar faces, that Berkeley seems to breathe the life back into itself. I find myself looking at this place, for the first time since freshman
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Berkeley scenes in the summer

During the year, campus is humming with life. Whether you’re trying to evade the flyers on Sproul Plaza, catching an a capella group perform by Sather Gate or being tutored at the Student Learning Center, there are always people around every corner. Over the summer, however, campus life changes: Once
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8 activities to keep you active in Berkeley this summer

Stuck in Berkeley this summer and tired of seeing your friends posting their Thailand adventures on Instagram? Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you can’t be having fun too. Trick yourself into thinking you’re on vacation by switching up your routine and getting active with these fun exercises. 1. Windsurfing
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Quiz: How fun will your summer actually be?

As finals have just finished, we’re all feeling a sense of euphoric hope for how great our summer will be. However, time has told us that as the summer goes on, some of us will be so bored that we actually miss the time we used to spend cramming in
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Places to tan in Berkeley

Are you missing the Southern Californian sunshine? Are you regretting your Bay Area internship after realizing that it’s coming at the expense of your tan? Well, we’ve been there too. But luckily for all of us, we have discovered some great places around Berkeley to tan and pretend you’re in the tropics — or the desert,
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