Summer Housing

Where can you call home this summer?

There are always those who choose to remain in Berkeley over the summer, whether they take classes, apply to internships, or just enjoy the city. Luckily Berkeley offers plenty of summer housing options to choose from for students who decide to remain. Plenty of subletting openings are available to people
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Editors’ Note

Berkeley — a relatively quiet college town turned inside-out when occupied by thousands of students during the school year, but a no-man’s-land when it comes time for the summer season. The city is usually only explored by the brave ones who venture to campus ready for summer session classes or
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A professor’s passion

David Wetzel's climb to the top

As one careens through the corridors of Dwinelle Hall on a languid summer day, an impassioned voice speaks of a bygone era with ferocious energy. The voice — at once assertive and fascinating, commanding attention — belongs to professor of history David Wetzel, who stalks the front of a classroom
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Treasure hiding in plain sight

Vendors offer unique crafts

For many decades, the city of Berkeley has prided itself on promoting local, sustainable and equitable production and consumption. A stroll down Telegraph Avenue shows that numerous weekend street vendors are still trying to uphold those ideals. Although negative adjectives and references to the homeless population are usually used to
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40 years of CalSO

Program continues to help new students transition

It’s just a jump to the left, then a step to the right, put your hands on your hips and do the pelvic thrust — this long-standing tradition of dancing to the song “The Time Warp” is an initiation for thousands of incoming Berkeley students at Cal Student Orientation, or
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Kick off the season with an outdoor concert

As the sunlight lingers and the temperature steadily rises, there is no better way to spend summer  than being immersed in the lush sounds of some of your favorite artists. Your options are aplenty, as some of the Bay Area’s most gorgeous venues are booked with names big and small.
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