My love-hate relationship with summer vacation

Illustration of a person in the summer partially floating in water, partially surrounded by a bed and electronics
Willow Yang/File

Summer also meant being away from home, having to deal with college applications or courses, having to interact with people I’d usually never interact with and dealing with a lot of situations that I generally like to avoid. Although I continued to love the beautiful weather and the thrill of traveling, I quickly began to long for my more ordinary day-to-day life.
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How to keep the spring break mood alive

Put down your sunglasses and beer cozies, Bears, spring break is officially over. We at the Clog are in mourning, too. Instead of facing it, however, we’ve decided to compile our best ways to remain in denial about the end of the break. Fill your homestead with sand If you
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The Clog’s guide to over-packing

We Bears may have hibernated all year, but now that summer is in full swing, we’re leaving our dens and traveling all over the world. Leaving our cozy homes and college apartments is always exciting and nerve-wracking, especially since the world outside of the Berkeley bubble is so different. The
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How to start planning your summer vacation

There are only three weeks left of school and you have no clue how you’re going to spend your summer vacation. It’s hit you that the time you have left to plan a spectacular trip may be out of your grasp and you don’t want to spend another summer moping
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6 things to enjoy before going back to school

We have only a little more than two weeks to go before fall classes kick off. Even summer schoolers (those crazy kids who decided to be academically productive over these designated lazy months) will have a brief reprieve before the onslaught of studying and essay-writing UC Berkeley loves to throw
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Southern California: beaches galore

You can tell you’re getting closer to the beach once the pedestrians you pass are wearing fewer and fewer articles of clothing. Suddenly, shirtless men abound, and loose T-shirts ending just below the backside are all girls need to throw on top of their bikinis. This perfectly toned, tanned, scantily
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