Spring break road trip essentials

Spring break is almost upon us, and we at the Clog are sure many of you have plans to take an exciting road trip to some exotic destination, such as San Diego or even Los Angeles. Well, we like to consider ourselves experts on all things road trip and, as
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Weekly Playlist: Cool movie walk

Here at the clog, we like to dabble in a variety of guilty pleasures. While we aren’t at liberty to freely speak about all of them without seeming super ridiculous, we can, however, reveal one particular guilty pleasure that we often partake in during our time here at Berkeley. For
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Don’t forget to dick around

Champagne Problems

Perhaps the most groundbreaking role of my acting career came when I was 17. Having already performed the role of a jail-breaking piglet some years previously, when I succeeded in landing the role of Janice the giant talking chicken from New York City in a stage adaptation of “George’s Marvelous
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