Power rankings: The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

If you didn’t watch the Grammy Awards last night, then what were you doing with your life? Wait. Who are we kidding? This is UC Berkeley. Sunday nights are for frantically finishing our homework from last week. While the night might have been all about Adele’s clean-sweep of the top awards
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Who will win the Super Bowl?

Daily Cal staff talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, taking sides with either the Patriots or the Falcons. Who do you think will win? Comment below! Cinematography and Editing by: Ashley-Grace Vo

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In the past six months I have lived in three different places all around the country. While nothing permanent is ever put up, I always reserve one spot on the wall. Not for pictures, although they go up too. But the biggest spot goes to the collection of quotes I
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Super Bowl Sunday experience

While most people were crowded around TV screens on Super Bowl Sunday, about 300 girls from Berkeley traveled one hour to Santa Clara to attend the game. A few months ago, an email was sent out informing girls of this opportunity to get to work at the game. I decided I had
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