5 ways we are all Katy Perry’s left shark

‘Twas the .GIF seen round the world after Sunday’s superbowl. ICYMI, Katy Perry danced with two people in shark costumes — as all pop stars do at one time or another — except that the left shark just couldn’t seem to get it together. KayPay’s left shark, or, as we like
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Have a super Super Bowl making these recipes

So we heard you’re having a Super Bowl party. We also heard that Matt invited his new girlfriend, who wants to bring along a few of her friends — and that Lauren’s now bringing her brother, who drove up for the weekend with some high school friends, who all want to come, too. So
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Victoria’s Secret and male body image

Sex on Tuesday

I expected that the pitfalls of body-image marketing, because its effect on women is pretty well known, would be easy to avoid. But when I flip through the pages and see perfectly chiseled eight-packs, luscious golden locks, acne-free skin and the goddamn perfect lip-bite technique I know gets panties soaked, I genuinely feel insecure.
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8 highlights of the Super Bowl halftime show

8 highlights of the Super Bowl halftime show: where we wished Beyonce was back This is Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is sad. 1. Did you know Bruno Mars is performing?! Just in case you missed all the advertisements at every commercial intermission reminding you since the beginning of January that Pepsi
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Custom Screening: Notes from a mad ad man

I must confess that until this summer — when I was lucky enough to spend three nights in a hotel — I had not watched an entire TV program on an actual television in America.In February, I managed to squeeze in the last half hour of the Super Bowl. I’m
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Vereen on Super Bowl roster

Rookie running back Shane Vereen will be the lone Bear representing Cal in the Super Bowl this year. A native of Valencia, Calif., Vereen was drafted by the Patriots in the second round after foregoing his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Super bored with the Super Bowl matchup

I should make it clear that I have very little professional football allegiance. I know and enjoy the sport, and I watch games almost every weekend. But unlike most fans, I do not have a team. I do not own a single NFL T-shirt. For any given game, I simply
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