Becoming my own hero

Off the Beat

All of us are growing and learning every day — tomorrow, I’ll be a slightly wiser version of myself today. So I try to acknowledge the growth I’ve made, because I am the hero 12-year-old me hoped to grow up to be.
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Why ‘Venom’ lacks any real bite

Somewhere between witnessing a sweaty Tom Hardy chomp on a live lobster and seeing the character of Venom soulfully tell Eddie Brock that he’d made him change his mind about humanity, I realized that “Venom” was not the version of the story that I’d grown up with.
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‘Suicide Squad’ falls short of heroic DC comeback

Since “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been looking for their franchise starter to rival the yearly additions of well-oiled, if safe, comic book blockbusters from Marvel. Yet, both DC films underwhelmed with the critical and commercial populaces because of
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Which superhero are you most like?

Berkeley students do it all. We study hard and party hard — but doing them together requires superhuman strength. Which we definitely have. But even superheroes have different personalities. Which one are you? We’ve created a quiz to find out. Image source: Featured Image Contact Mina Abdullah at [email protected]