Don’t call me daddy

Sex on Tuesday

Photo of Khristina Holterman

The lack of sexual support in the media for young women is disappointing but not surprising. Step one is learning to be cognizant of the media we consume. 
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I don’t believe in unicorns

Mommy Issues

In high school, I was a rebel. I ditched class, roamed around at night, ignored my parents’ calls. I drank, I smoked, I took the family car out for joy rides — I did it all. In the quiet suburban neighborhood I grew up in, my behavior was notably frowned
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Signs you’ve found your college squad

On a campus with more than 30,000 students, finding a group of friends you connect with can be overwhelming. But once you’ve found the group of people you can go on midnight Safeway runs for ice cream with, your UC Berkeley experience will be exponentially more enjoyable. We at the Clog have
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How can we make UC Berkeley less stressful for students?

As students at the top public university in the country, we are constantly consumed by schoolwork. We’re desperate for a balance between finding time to grab lunch with friends between classes while hammering out that 15-page research paper before work and then scheduling work after evening classes. Despite the hectic lives
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