CalSERVE presidential nominee DeeJay Pepito aims to give voice to minorities

Beyond Rhetoric

Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff
CalSERVE presidential nominee DeeJay Pepito says her background gives her a unique perspective in serving minority communities.

As one of about 800 Pilipinos on a campus of nearly 36,000, Pepito says she hopes to represent the Pilipino community, along with other minority groups, such as women, that she feels are underrepresented in the ASUC.
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Oct. 10 ASUC Senate annotated meeting agenda

The ASUC Senate is set to meet again Wednesday evening. Among the new business for the senate is a bill in support of Proposition 36, a ballot measure seeking to change California’s “Three Strikes” Law, and another bill in support of exempting campus student cooperative houses from the city of Berkeley’s affordable housing
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