We are survivors, and we are strong

There are thousands of women who are suffering through the same. They are your mothers, your sisters, your colleagues and your friends, fighting every day and rebuilding their lives in the aftermath just as I have had to. We are survivors, and we are strong.
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Survivor: first apartment edition

We have all done things we’re ashamed of, whether it’s begging your professor to give you just two points back on an exam or spending two hours sifting through the “UC Berkeley Class of …” Facebook group to find that cute guy in your lecture who only told you his
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Faces of Berkeley: Yau-Man Chan, ‘Survivor’ contestant

Chief technology officer in the College of Chemistry defied expectations on reality show

Within the bowels of the Giauque Low Temperature Laboratory underneath Hildebrand Hall, Yau-Man Chan works quietly at his computer. The unassuming 59-year-old’s office reflects his title as chief technology officer for the UC Berkeley College of Chemistry — bits of old electronics and tech books line his floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and
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