Television’s new golden age

Breaking down the highlights and snubs from this year’s Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards, much like their film, theater and music counterparts, are annually greeted with both excited buzz and exhausted indifference.
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Dakota Fanning’s latest flaccidly flops

For as long as there have been Hollywood stars, there have been sex scandals featuring their famous faces and legendary bodies. Long before notable nudes were stolen from the phones of the hapless and desired, actors and actresses got into trouble in other, less high-tech ways. Errol Flynn, the swashbuckling
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‘Tammy’ fails to funny

It’s finally happened. After innumerable embarrassing and forgettable summer comedies featuring a couple of buddies who go on a bawdy, drunken adventure fueled by boyish stupidity and a refusal to grow up and starring Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill or Jack Black, the female equivalent has arrived. Melissa McCarthy in
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