Escape to Sweden

Sex on Tuesday

My first day on birth control marked the first day of my yearlong celibacy. I didn’t seek out abstinence, or desire it. But my body had other plans.
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Still the beautiful game

The allure of international soccer tournaments typically consists of several interesting matchups, pitting powerhouse nations against one another, and David vs. Goliath matches that regularly motivate me to side with the underdog — I love a good Cinderella run. The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to kick off
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Family frailty exposed in Swedish film ‘Force Majeure’

A word-of-mouth critical darling and a Cannes Film Festival prize winner, Ruben Ostlund’s  “Force Majeure” has the classic markings of European art house, for better or for worse. Ostlund renders the brooding interiorities of a vacationing family with the same breathtaking grandeur as that of wintry summits of the French
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