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Sports with Sophie

Of the 233 countries and dependent territories in the world, only 56 of them have populations greater than 21.3 million. Regardless of their population, though, what all 233 of these countries and dependent territories have in common is a place — a stretch of land to call their own. By
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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

I have been following the news coverage of the refugee crisis day and night. While watching the news, I debate whether I would be happier knowing that my students were still safe in that refugee camp or if they’d be better off fleeing on one of those floating boats in the Mediterranean.
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This is privilege

I stood in the fresh-bread section at Berkeley Bowl, fighting an impending mental breakdown. I stood there for four minutes — maybe less, maybe more, I didn’t count. What I was counting were the types of loaves in front of me: Sweet Batard, Sourdough, French, Italian, olive. I counted 16
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I carry Syria in my heart

I hesitated before writing this piece, because, once again, I was going to write about Syria. If you go to my author page on the Daily Cal website, you would find that 11 of my 14 Daily Cal pieces speak of Syria in some way. So when I sat down
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The Smoothie Man

Berkeley smoothie store owner watches the war back home in Syria from afar

Editor’s Note: Jamal’s last name has been removed from this story in the interest of his family’s safety.  By the time the customers start arriving in the morning, Jamal has been up for hours. He woke at 5 a.m. and drove from his home in Richmond to an Oakland wholesaler
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Off the beat: I can’t count in English, and I love it

Once, at a party, a friend turned to me and somewhat drunkenly asked, “So, like, what exactly are you?” Despite the weird way she phrased her question, I understood what she meant — but only because I’ve been asked this question numerous times in a variety of ways. As I
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