Late night on Sproul

Rayanne Piaña/File

Let’s face it, Sproul during the day can be a little overwhelming. Crowds, bikes, scooters, one-wheeled skateboards, tablers and flyers galore. You probably avoid it during peak times, even. But what happens when the sun goes down and you have no choice but to make the trek through Sproul while
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People who don’t go to UC Berkeley sometimes just can’t understand the weird things we deal with in our daily life here. To help shed light on the subject, we at the Clog put together five of the most common #justberkeleythings we all experience.
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What if Sproul Plaza didn’t exist?

“Sproul is to UC Berkeley as water is to camels and protein to vegetarians.” — UC Berkeley student walking through Sproul Plaza. Sproul Plaza: a place of merriment, motion and mysticisms. It is both a way station for wanderers and a plaza of frenzied pace. Music, food and drink await to
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