Hookup: The stigma surrounding virginity

This is the second installment in a four-part series exploring UC Berkeley’s “hookup culture.” Students’ names have been changed or withheld in order to protect their privacy and encourage honest conversation. After a “pretty hard core” make-out session at a party, Wheeler recalled walking a girl back to her room
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One senior questions if degree was worth debt

Student faces uncertain future with about $29,000 that must be repaid

Navid Shaghaghi’s three undergraduate years at UC Berkeley featured a string of unique, successful experiences — he participated in the Occupy Cal and Open University movements, worked with faculty members to set up Earth Day activities, regularly reviewed academic papers with fellow members of the Philosophy Club and took classes
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Faces of Berkeley: Kenya Wheeler, cancer survivor

Berkeley graduate student wins against cancer, loses insurance

On the top of his buzzed head, Kenya Wheeler has a thin, almost unnoticeable line where his hair does not grow — a surgical scar that reminds him that he, as a brain cancer survivor, will always have to live with the fear of relapse. For the last seven months,
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Charged protesters allege UCPD discrimination

Many of the 13 protesters charged in relation to the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protests are crying foul over what they say is a concerted attempt by UCPD and the university to silence them. The 13 who were presented with criminal charges are mainly former and current students at UC
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Drunk sex isn’t always better, either

When I arrived at work a couple weeks ago, my email inbox was inundated with emails about the most recent Sex on Tuesday column, titled “Sober isn’t always better.” My initial reaction was, “I don’t understand why people even continue to read this column” — I sure don’t waste my
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Campus mumps outbreak declared over

The mumps outbreak which infected approimately 29 UC Berkeley students last semester appears to be officially over. In a statement released by the city of Berkeley Monday, city Public Health Officer Janet Berreman said it has been more than three months — more than two incubation periods — since the
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