Time to respect the students

CAMPUS ISSUES: If an investigation into sexual assault mishandling takes place at UC Berkeley, the administration will need to revise its Student Code of Conduct.

It shouldn’t be hard for college students who are sexually assaulted on campus to file complaints with their campus administrations. But recently, reports from across the country have shown that these administrations might not be doing all they need to do to promote a safe campus environment. We hope this
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Help us give support to sexual violence victims

UC Berkeley sexual violence survivors speak out on awareness efforts

We came to Berkeley counting on the university’s vibrant history of activism and civil rights to guide our education inside and outside of the classroom. But contrary to its reputation for social justice, we believe UC Berkeley has had a long and documented history of silencing survivors of sexual violence
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On the CUSP of consciousness

Health and Happiness

As a health worker for Unit 3 this past year, I was used to residents coming to my door late at night, timidly asking if I had any banana-flavored condoms left or wondering how to make an appointment at the Tang Center. In fact, I looked forward to those interactions.
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In the face of depression, moving forward

Campus aims to help students who struggle with mental health difficulties

Even after surviving a war zone, UC Berkeley freshman Unis Barakat found himself succumbing to the lingering emotional scars of his experience.
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Check your intake at the front door

Be responsible about alcohol consumption in the residence halls

For Halloween, I was a Cal track and field champion — not because I went out that night clad in blue and gold short shorts, wristbands and running shoes but because for one night, I had to nearly break the Cal long jump record — on several occasions — just
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The ‘Crossroads’ of healthy eating

Cal Dining staff members provide advice for students who want to eat balanced dining commons meals.

Before 5 p.m. most nights, a crowd of students forms outside the Crossroads campus dining hall, all eager to eat their fill and get on with their evening plans. When the doors are unlocked, the students file in, but despite the multitude of options Crossroads offers, a line always forms
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Off the beat: Mind matters

Young adults across the nation share many of Angelakos’ struggles of living with mental illness that I believe are reflected in the lyrics of Passion Pit’s latest album Gossamer: institutionalization, strained relationships, depression, medication, substance abuse and mania. In 2006, it was estimated that nearly one third of young adults aged 18 through 26 experienced some kind of mental illness, including high instances of bipolar and major depression. For individuals who develop schizophrenia, their first “psychotic break” is most likely to happen in the late teens or early 20’s.
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