Tang Center with sign that reads New Insurance Carrier

How UC Berkeley students can navigate health care insurance changes

The unfortunate reality is that SHIP claims — aka use and cost to the plan — have increased annually for the last three years. The result of those rising claim costs is that SHIP premiums have to increase to account for them. This reality was evident throughout all the health insurance bids the campus received.
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A hand giving another hand money with the caption "Take back the night"

UC Berkeley needs more funding for sexual assault survivors

Content Warning: Sexual assault, sexual harassment The effects of sexual violence and sexual harassment, or SVSH, on survivors are innumerable and often intangible in their enormity. For students, sexual violence and harassment can result in post-traumatic stress disorder, decreased ability to perform academically, damaged relationships and a lost sense of
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Mental Health Action Plan needs more campus support

UC Berkeley students experience a great sense of pride attending the No. 1 public university in the world, but there is also a lot of stress attached to such titles. Housing is scarce, everything is incredibly expensive and our classes are so hard that we’re jealous of those in the
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Exercise is for the weak

Don’t watch those new episodes that were just added to Netflix. Don’t sleep through lecture for the fourth time this week. Don’t exercise. You heard us, disregard the pleas of Michelle Obama and the American Heart Association and avoid physical activity at all costs. Contrary to popular belief, the risks and negative externalities
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Break-up letter to the midterm-season cold

Dear midterm-season cold, Please leave me alone. I’ve had enough of your selfish ways. You have absolutely zero consideration for me. It’s no matter to you whether I’m deep into a problem set or in the zone while cranking out my history essay. When you want something, you want it now. You
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