Software engineers must think deeply about ethics

After my sophomore year at UC Berkeley studying computer science, I briefly dropped out to join a medical tech startup in San Francisco. It was a great match: I was going to work on what I was interested in, I had strong personal motivations, and I emotionally connected with the
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The final stop


I like the anonymity of city living, the feeling that I could stay holed up in my apartment or walk six miles throughout the city.
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‘New’ features of the iPhone 7

With the annual release of yet another iPhone — because the last 11 were obviously not enough — everyone everywhere is excited to get their hands on the latest technology that Apple can provide. But before you go swooning all over this new update, we at the Clog have ever so
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Valentine’s Day role play

For everyone who’s been looking to get fresh and zesty with their Valentine, the Clog’s got you covered. Role play can get you talking with bae like you never imagined you would. Relive the excitement and inelegance of your first date, and remember why you fell in love with that
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Misdirected anger

Technocratic Tirade

I believe some apologies are in order. In my first column, I characterized my experience with the computer science department as positive “in spite of a faculty struggling unsustainably to accommodate explosive demand.” I stand by my statement — but the blame is misplaced. Two weeks ago, an email from
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7 unique inventions to make college easier

While there may not be cars flying around like “Back to the Future” suggested there would be by 2015, we are still surrounded by savvy inventions. Some might seem and look strange upon first glance, but they’re actually pretty brilliant. Others you might not even know you need, but can make life a
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Weekender Picks

The great Eddie Murphy returned to “Saturday Night Live” for the first time in 30 years last week, albeit with an underwhelming performance. After an extraordinarily laudatory introduction from Chris Rock, Murphy walked onstage and simply thanked the audience for their appreciation — no jokes, no impressions. For those expecting more,
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Tech is both our scapegoat and savior

Two steps forward

The shining city across the bay is known for its amazing technological feats — brilliant men and women in very tall buildings cranking out apps and gadgets to make our lives more futuristic. As Silicon Valley’s satellite campus, San Francisco has become synonymous with startups and tech culture. And it’s
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Venture for America wants Cal graduates

UC Berkeley students are underrepresented among the VFA fellows, something Yang would like to see change. He believes there may be a misconception among students that startup work is exclusively for those studying computer science, engineering or business. Yang argues that, while most tech jobs do require a background in computer or data science, people with diverse interests and skill sets are being welcomed into the startup world.
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