UC Berkeley professor Alison Gopnik wins lifetime achievement award

Photo of Gopnik
Allison Gopnik/Courtesy
Alison Gopnik, UC Berkeley psychology professor, is one of three recipients of the 2021 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science. According to Gopnik, the award is an indication of both her scientific contributions to society and her desire to improve children’s lives.

UC Berkeley professor of psychology Alison Gopnik received a lifetime achievement award Thursday for her work in developmental psychology, cognitive science and philosophical psychology.
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Piracy and morality

I wanted to watch “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” but none of the local theaters were playing it anymore, I couldn’t buy the Blu-Ray because I don’t have that kind of money, Amazon was empty, and there were no other legitimate channels I could go through. I started going through
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When feminism follows the money

Theoretical Titillation

So what happens when activists prioritize branding? They downplay the importance of policy for uncritical, often expensive, gatherings and capitalize on the grandiose rhetoric of “empowerment” and “human rights.”
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TED Talk of the Week: How to live to 100+

When he’s not setting world records in endurance cycling, Dan Buettner keeps himself busy by exploring parts of the world that are home to unusually high numbers of centenarians (people who live past 100 years). The logic is that to best understand longevity, you should study the people who already
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