A walk down Telegraph

A stroll through Telegraph Avenue’s influence on the campus community

Take a walk through the iconic green arches of Sather Gate will find yourself at the historical starting point of one of the most defining passageways of the city of Berkeley: Telegraph Avenue. Today, with campus expansion, the street begins at the intersection with Bancroft Way and stretches for 4.5
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Photo Gallery: Off the Grid on Telegraph and Haste

Off the Grid made its Southside debut on the corner of Haste Street and Telegraph Ave. on Thursday, July 12, featuring a variety of food trucks that served up delicious eats to a packed crowd. Highlights from the evening included a very long line for the Creme Brulee truck and
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City officials and residents demonstrate against civil sidewalks measure

Members of the Berkeley community gathered at Berkeley City Hall Monday to protest a recommendation that would place a measure that prohibits sitting on the city’s sidewalks on the November ballot. The demonstration against the Civil Sidewalks Ballot Measure, which could make sitting on sidewalks in commercial districts between 7
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Bizarre bazaar

CITY AFFAIRS: Give Telegraph Avenue business owners the opportunity to set up shop on the sidewalk. There isn’t much to lose.

Few experiences can match visiting a bustling, vibrant marketplace. While Telegraph Avenue may not today inspire cosmopolitan visions of a coursing hub that attracts Berkeleyans and outside visitors alike, proposed changes to city rules governing street vendors may bring that dream closer to reality. If approved by Berkeley City Council
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