Oblivious walking, an unseen Berkeley danger

So you are walking to class through Telegraph, eating an ice cream sandwich from CREAM, listening to music on your earbuds, texting your mom, wondering if there will be a pop quiz today and rewording your newest thesis in your head. Some students in front of you cross the street
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Stand up for civil sidewalks and safe neighborhoods

The ASUC Senate Bill 64 was wrong in its decision on Measure S

As a cafe owner on Telegraph Avenue, I’ve been following and supporting Measure S. When I learned that the ASUC Senate was about to vote on a bill to oppose Measure S, I wanted to observe the process. Senate Bill 64, which is against Measure S, was on the agenda
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Last Sundays Festival on Telegraph

On Sunday, August 26, the world came together on Telegraph Avenue for a day of crafts, indie bands, and fun. It was free and for all ages. Watch a video of the festive day.

Letters: June 18 – June 24

The recent article “Up to 92 percent of Californians under 65 covered by Obamacare, study says” (June 18) described the anticipated health care coverage increase under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The article referred to the proposal by the pejorative “Obamacare,” which title follows from the narrative that President Obama is foisting the law on the American people.
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Photo Gallery: Scanwiches

To accompany our article on sandwiches in the Telegraph area, senior staff photographer Derek Remsburg scanned sandwiches and subs from various vendors in the neighborhood. This post was inspired by the photography of scanwiches.com.

Telegraphic digressions

Savage heart murmurs

Goodbye, Telegraph. No more people watching outside my window, listening to DJ Patches rock out to the Temptations or SOAD on Berkeley’s rarefied urban avenue. After two years of pretending to be an RA in the same brick building that I had my first brush with White Russians and free
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