Delaying my diagnosis

Muscle Memories

“When were you diagnosed?” is a question that continues to haunt me to this day. Throughout my life, every pulmonologist to neurologist has asked me this question, but the problem is that I don’t have an exact answer. Having a rare medical condition means that the exact moment of being
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Dating the enemy

Off the Beat

A bad EDM remix was blaring over the speakers, the alcohol was nonexistent and still, my head was already pounding by the time he looked at me from across the dance floor. That’s where I met him, in a sweaty jumble of bodies. He was cute in a blonde-suburban-white-boy-next-door kind
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The Center of Everywhere: A personal essay

In January 2008 my family moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Lancaster, California. My dad had gotten a new job, and my little brother and I—at the ripe ages of seven and nine—were in anguish. Our lives were over. We cried a lot, both before and after the move. We
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