Tunesday: Rainy Day Soundtrack

Most of us know that spending summer in the Bay Area means you’re not going to get three months of sunshine and blue skies. It looks like the weather gods are feeling especially gloomy this week, because we’re being treated to cloudiness and an off-chance of rain, which is perfect
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The Antlers perform on campus on 4/20

The Brooklyn based indie rock band The Antlers performed on the steps of Doe Library for hundreds of people relaxing on Memorial Glade on Saturday evening. The show was organized by SUPERB Productions.

No deer in headlights

The Antlers’ Cal Day performance uplifted the crowd at Memorial Glade

“Prove to me I’m not gonna die alone.” Unquestionably, not the words you would expect blaring over Memorial Glade to close out a day dedicated to prospective students, but the Antlers still managed to close out their show successfully with “Putting the Dog to Sleep.” There has been a strong
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Samuel Avishay’s Picks of the Week

Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown There are only three remaining Japantowns in the United States, and we are lucky to have one in San Francisco. Every year, in each of the three Japantowns, the blooming of the Japanese cherry blossoms, the “sakura,” is celebrated with a festival that attracts hundreds
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The Antlers: BURST APART

The soft, crooning melodies present in the Antlers’ sophomore work Burst Apart may at first evoke lullabies and ballads, but Brooklyn-based band has produced an album that is far from tranquil. Both ethereal and haunting, Burst Apart is distinct and just as enjoyable as their debut concept album Hospice. Deceptively
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