Unhinged sex goon

It was cool at the time

Somehow, for every five BuzzFeed quiz results that are comically off, there will be one result that fits you a little too well.
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The Bachelor: Dirks Edition

Alas Bachelor fans of Berkeley, the time has come. Yes, devoted patrons the 21st (symbolic?) season of “The Bachelor” has finally arrived. We know some of you are delighted to see such a fresh face like the novel Nick Viele starring this season. But let’s be candid, this wouldn’t be
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We at the Clog tell all

Everyone’s favorite wine night happened twice this week. That’s right, “The Bachelorette” aired on both Monday and Tuesday and featured all the sequins, roses and tears typical of JoJo and this relatively boring season. The “Men Tell All” episode told us all we needed to know about our shallow Bachelorette,
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Every rose has its thorn

Cutting Room Floor

I want to date Ben Higgins. There. It’s out. Woah, do I feel better. Even after watching a man kiss girl after girl and then horrendously break up with them the next day, I can still imagine and dream about falling in love with him myself. Because that’s what this show does
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