I’ve got your back

I’m moving to the East Coast in August, but family doesn’t end with a graduation stole and a one-way plane ticket. I will have my Cal family’s back from 2,700 miles away, and that’s a commitment.
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The Daily Cal Dictionary

Success is finding what I love to do and finding the people I love to work with. I might not be graduating, but as I leave the Daily Cal and UC Berkeley, I know my experiences working here have prepared me to take on anything.
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Glad I grew up

To my 18-year-old self, who came into her first day of work at this newspaper with a full heart and even fuller dreams — I still miss your innocence, but I’m glad you grew up.
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Tour de force

As much as I wanted to end this tour with some advice or wisdom, I have yet to process my impending graduation. Maybe it’s because I can’t fit four years into 900 words, as hard as I try.
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Editors’ note: Faith 2019

In the face of this intolerance, The Daily Californian wanted to create an issue dedicated to uplifting and celebrating many faiths in the UC Berkeley community and beyond.
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Best of Berkeley Transparency Campaign

As Berkeley’s newspaper of record, we here at The Daily Californian are committed to being open about how and why we cover the stories that we do. This video will give you an inside look at how the Daily Cal produced the Best of Berkeley special impact issue this Spring.