Getting schooled

Pop Vulture

Raising an unholy racket is hardly worse than what this school can do to you. Unfortunately, I’ve given myself over so wholly to this institution that I’d tear the whole shebang into shreds to see it improved.
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A Dog-eared existence

Cutting Room Floor

“Library Property. You are responsible for any damage to this book, including ripped pages, water stains, underlining, highlighting, dog-earing, etc.”
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Lit with Lindsay: A field guide to historical literature

I’ve always struggled with reading “historical” literature — basically, anything that takes place before the 20th century. And while I have friends who consume copious amounts of Victorian literature, Chaucer and Old English translations, I think plenty of people feel the same as I do. It’s just not as common
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The Gatsby state of mind

Cultural cadence

“If that’s a freaking Gatsby-themed party, I’m going to stab my eyes out,” my brother scoffed as he glanced across the restaurant before taking a sip of his Old Fashioned in true Don Draper style. This was a couple of weeks ago on a typical crisp San Francisco night —
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