Sex and Sensibility

Sex on Tuesday

Subconsciously, I think about things to avoid feeling things. In the heat of the moment, however, sex makes it hard to think. And even if thoughtless sex can sometimes be risky, I love escaping my head.
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Generation pessimism

Critical Musings

A few months before its print edition ceased to be, Newsweek joined ranks with every other major national news magazine in existence and published a long story on the state of 20-somethings. The July story is headlined with a question: “Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?” Except it isn’t really a question
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UC Berkeley alum Tomine starry-eyed in ‘Drawings’

The story of the New Yorker, the renowned arts and culture magazine, is an interesting one in and of itself, but it helps to start with Rea Irvin. Rea Irvin was the magazine’s art editor at its inception. Transplanted to the Big Apple from foggy San Francisco in 1906, Irvin
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Broken news

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Fareed Zakaria’s act of plagiarism breaks trust and sheds light on the danger of laziness and hastiness in today’s digital media age.

Integrity is an important aspect of society, and an essential one for journalism. The public has faith in the media, and the media must, in turn, respect and honor that trust and not abuse its power. Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host and Time editor-at-large, broke that trust when he plagiarized in a Time magazine column on gun control, an act he admitted to on Friday.
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Doors of Perception

Celebrated contemporary cartoonist and UC Berkeley alumnus Adrian Tomine maintains a headstrong approach to the art form.

A timid artist in black-rimmed glasses sits behind a too-high display case in a comic book store. An untouched stack of paperback comics sits shyly next to him as he tries to explain to the shop’s only customer that he’s not printing “floppies” because he wants to be different — he
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