Tech is both our scapegoat and savior

Two steps forward

The shining city across the bay is known for its amazing technological feats — brilliant men and women in very tall buildings cranking out apps and gadgets to make our lives more futuristic. As Silicon Valley’s satellite campus, San Francisco has become synonymous with startups and tech culture. And it’s
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The unbearable whiteness of being

The Discomfort Zone

In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, disgruntled high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss discusses how the college process is unfair. In the op-ed, Weiss connects how colleges tell applicants to “just be yourself” to how these three words break the backs of all college seniors who do not have
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Conservatives against history

The Devil's Advocate

It looks like Rick Santorum — who said Monday that most of California’s public universities don’t offer American history courses — isn’t the only Republican making things up about the University of California curriculum. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed last Saturday called “How California Colleges Indoctrinate Students,” Hoover Institution fellow
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