A booty call to theater

Cutting Room Floor

I didn’t need a big part in every show, or even in most shows — but I think the parts you gave me were a symptom of our incompatibility.
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Following the Yellow Brick Road

Two years ago, I came to UC Berkeley as a determined student with a set of goals in mind. Determined to channel my inner resolve and live up to my potential, I knew that I was standing at the beginning of my Yellow Brick Road, and all I had to do was to successfully follow it to the finish line.
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A humble narcissist

It was cool at the time

For a long time, I thought my tendency to come off as incredibly confident despite being so shy meant that I was being fake or inauthentic.
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Beep bop

Devil in the Details

I would sell my soul to the CS devil to pass Computer Science 61A, but for some damned reason they’re not buying. On the morning of the first midterm I woke up in tears because, only moments before, I had dreamt that I was face to face with this creepy
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Picks of the week: Self-cultivation

It’s springtime, and the entire world seems to be blooming. But flowers and trees don’t have to be the only ones spreading their leaves! In this final push before the end of the semester, take some time out of your schedule to do the activities that allow you to bloom.
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Wherever I lay my hat

Champagne Problems

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like… whatever, Dorothy. You’d better not wear those shoes to a Cal-Stanford game. But that smug Kansas kid had one thing right. Wherever you are, whatever you do, the pull of your home is inexorable. We carry
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