An unqualified guide to fraternities

Whether you’re deciding to rush or just attend a Game Day party, choosing a fraternity can be a tough task. With so many campus fraternities, how is anyone reasonably expected to get enough information on each one to make an informed decision? Often times, we’re forced to make assumptions based
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ICYMI, 2 of UC Berkeley’s frat houses make top 10 list

We already knew UC Berkeley was one of the best universities in the world, but now even its frat houses are getting lauded for their architecture. The recently released list “Top 10 Frat Houses in the Pac-12” by Total Frat Move, both a college comedy website and a New York Times bestselling book, features
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Intent doesn’t equal impact

CAMPUS ISSUES: The offensive quinceanera party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity reflects deeper problems within the community.

One of the first lessons learned about cultural sensitivity on a campus such as Berkeley’s is that just because you don’t intend for something to be racist, that doesn’t mean it isn’t. The offensive quinceanera-themed party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity on the night of Sept. 21 is a
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