UC Berkeley alumni urge Berkeley Hillel to welcome more views on Israel policy

The Berkeley Hillel is a center for Jewish students at UC Berkeley and a chapter of the larger foundation Hillel International. Though the alumni letter sent last week recommends that the organization become an “Open Hillel” – a reference to a student movement that advocates opening Hillel’s restrictions on opinions about Israel – the letter instead began through a series of conversations between Jeremy Elster, a 2012 UC Berkeley graduate, and other alumni, all living in Israel at the time.
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Israel’s tolerance

Israel should be praised for its commitment to inclusion, not denigrated for its minor flaws

This week Tikvah: Students for Israel held our sixth annual Israel Peace and Diversity Week (IPD Week). As always, there was an array of informative lectures, exciting activities and educational events about the most vibrant democracy in the Middle East. Israel Peace and Diversity Week has special importance given the
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Why we love Israel

The Devil's Advocate

Two weeks ago, I was invited to an event on Facebook hosted by Tikvah: Students for Israel — UC Berkeley’s Zionist student organization — called “Why we love Israel.” In theory, I should be more equipped than ever to answer that question. Just last month, I got back from a
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