‘An unstoppable force’: Neelam Patil named a TIME Magazine Innovative Teacher

Photo of Neelam Patil
Chelsea Feldman/Courtesy
Neelam Patil, a teacher at the Berkeley Unified School District, has been selected as a TIME Magazine Innovative Teacher. Patil has implemented the Miyawaki forest method in her classes at Cragmont and Oxford elementary schools.

Patil was one of only 10 teachers selected by TIME to be recognized. According to TIME’s website, the Innovative Teachers project profiles 10 teachers who are “changing the landscape of education in America.” 
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Shakespeare as the voice of the millennial

It wasn’t until my Shakespeare professor introduced me to the engaging and somewhat comical process of rephrasing Shakespearean dialogue in modern, colloquial English that I was able to draw any connection between the 10-pound collection of Shakespeare’s plays on my desk and the social stratagem of the average millennial.
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Tech is both our scapegoat and savior

Two steps forward

The shining city across the bay is known for its amazing technological feats — brilliant men and women in very tall buildings cranking out apps and gadgets to make our lives more futuristic. As Silicon Valley’s satellite campus, San Francisco has become synonymous with startups and tech culture. And it’s
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