A timeline of us: A poem

photo of a mother and daughter
Madeline Kim/Courtesy

1972 South Korea. Black hair and almond eyes and parted lips; impatience intertwined with red blood. It is quiet and you are crying: a baby swaddled in fragmented memories and a mother’s tears. The air is smoky, sweet, sea-foam blue and pearly pink. An attempt to speak leads to a
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Illustration about love

We’ll meet in Mei: A short story

Mei Huang meets August Claremont in the spring, when the air smells of rotten honeysuckles and mist.  A chill rattles her bones even through her cardigan — a sure, swift wind that jostles her gait and forces her hands into thin denim pockets. Mei’s breath comes in sharp bursts: clouds
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photo of a clock

Overcoming time famine: How to maximize our time and happiness

We are full of things which propel us outwards. Our instinct leads us to believe we must seek our happiness outside ourselves. — Blaise Pascal, Pensées and Other Writings    “Time is money.” “A race against time.” “Time flies…” In today’s time-obsessed culture where our lives are dictated by calendars,
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Toothpaste Time

Hopping the Pond

Upon reaching my bathroom on Thursday, I realized that the tube was now a wrinkled shell. The toothpaste was finished and I almost burst into tears.
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It’s high time

American Pie?

We cannot proceed as though time is linear, as though our reputations are the only things at stake, as though the past is a dusty relic.
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