Pop the question

Muscle Memories

I agree that it is simpler to cover up the physical evidence of a battle that sits on my chest. But showcasing my scar has allowed me to look at it as a sign of victory.
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The Tinder code: Deciphering dating app messages

Tinder, a place of love, hook ups and, what some people like to call it, “making friends”. Whether you’re someone looking for a significant other or someone who “is new to the area and looking for someone to show them around”, we’ve all experienced Tinder messages that are hard to decode.
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Mom’s rules for the internet

Miss Communication

It was a 20-minute drive from my childhood home in San Diego to my middle school one town over. Twenty minutes that my mom never failed to capitalize on. It was the time for her proverbial lectures on the dangers of the world. I was her captive audience, and our
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