photo of laptop with youtube open

How to get over your YouTube addiction

As a former YouTube addict who regularly spent more than four hours on the app every day, it was extremely difficult for me to stay on top of my priorities, and I often lost track of time. If that sounds anything like you this summer, here are some tried and true ways that helped me get over my addiction.
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Photo of Buffalo Exchange thrift store

Tips, tricks for selling clothes online

Selling clothes online is a perfect example of putting the first R in the adage of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” into practice. Your forgotten clothes can be rehomed and become someone else’s treasured item. Also, selling clothes online can also help you make some extra money (talk about a win-win situation here!) If you’re just getting started, here are some of my tried and tested ways to boost sales!
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Illustration of a student studying with a laptop and notebook

Studying hard or hardly studying? Tips for an efficient finals week

It’s dead week, and you have several exams waiting for you right around the corner. Considering how much of a struggle studying has been for many students this semester, you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed. There are dozens of pages of biology notes to go through, countless math problems to do and 10 too many lectures to catch up on. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; we at the Clog are here to help. Here are some nifty study hacks to help you minimize distractions and maximize studying efficiency. 
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