The truth revealed in ‘Merchants of Doubt’

Filmmaker Robert Kenner, known for the documentary “Food, Inc.,” unveils another ugly truth on the big screen with “Merchants of Doubt.” His latest film brilliantly and creatively exposes the playbook used by masters of deception, who often pose as so-called “experts” and are hired by large firms hoping to avoid
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Lift the ban on e-cigarettes

CAMPUS ISSUES: The incoming ban on consuming tobacco products on campus goes too far by banning e-cigarettes, which are far less harmful.

For decades, American society has been moving toward a complete ban on smoking tobacco. Since about the mid-20th century, when scientific studies revealing the drug’s devastating effects on the human body were made public, public policy and social attitudes have shifted more and more against tobacco. This is a good
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Smoke and mirrors

A $1.00 cigarette tax to fund cancer research benefits all Californians — smokers and nonsmokers. Vote ‘yes.’

When Philip Morris is spending more than $27 million to defeat a ballot measure, that’s a sign you might want to vote the other way. Proposition 29 is relatively straightforward. If passed, the cigarette tax in California will be increased by $1.00 per pack — and an equivalent tax will
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Stopping smokeless statism

Off the Beat: Given Insight

I am a sanctimonious non-smoker. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, nor do I ever intend to. I find smoking downright disgusting and cannot comprehend how any rational person would take up the habit. Much to the chagrin of my smoking acquaintances, I make my opinion of
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