19 campus employees violated UC sexual harassment policies in past seven years

Sujit Choudhry, Geoffrey Marcy, Graham Fleming and Yann Hufnagel were all found by the Office for Prevention of Discrimination and Harssment to have violated UC sexual harassment policies. The publicizing of these investigations over the past year have spurred questions about how the campus handles sexual harassment cases.

As UC Berkeley grapples with a slew of sexual harassment scandals, recently released reports show that 19 UC Berkeley employees were found to have violated university sexual misconduct policy since 2011.
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Bridge over troubled water

Compared to the rest of Cal’s aquatics programs, the diving team is far from a powerhouse. But the tide could turn in the team’s favor in the future.

In the closed confines of Berkeley’s Spieker Aquatics Center, a board on its north wall has immortalized the name of every aquatic athlete to represent the university at the Olympic level. In polished gold script on separate dark stones, the monument to the Bears’ aquatic prowess boldly stands just feet
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