The Clog’s power ranking of meat substitutes

photo of sliced tempeh
FotoosVanRobin/Creative Commons

As a vegan of almost five years, I’ve come across a variety of different forms of meat substitutes. They made my transition into a plant-based diet easier as they satisfied my cravings for beef and chicken. I’ve eaten some substitutes that taste like the real thing, but there are many that don’t cut it. Because of my expertise as a long-term vegan, I’ve compiled a list of the definitive ranking of different meat substitutes on the market from worst to best.
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Miso soup recipe

This is the dream recipe for miso soup that is both easy to make and packed full of umami flavor. Packed full of sodium, pre-made soup isn’t the healthiest option for our already terrible college student diet. Lucky for us, a quick and easy recipe for miso soup exists. During my time
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Teriyaki rice bowl

Look, it’s just hard to cook something that has carbs, protein and veggies but still tastes good, fits with a college budget and isn’t super time consuming. Lucky for you, we have an easy and delicious recipe that just about fits the bill.
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Tofu garlic noodles

Everybody knows it — college students can only make noodles and pasta. When the endless slew of pasta with red sauce and ramen becomes too much for you, we have a noodle recipe that’s still simple but might change things up a little. The majority of this recipe is strictly to
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8 things you can substitute for meat in a burger

Burgers are easy to make, and they’re great if you want to have a barbecue with your friends this summer. But if you don’t eat meat or you’re getting tired of eating the same old burger every time, here are some different foods you can use for your next burger
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Deconstructing meat

Theoretical Titillation

I segued back into my former omnivore lifestyle with a pescatarian diet. After a few days, I moved past seafood. At first it was easy; I could detach myself from the animal. But then it wasn’t. As silly as it seemed, my meaty meals challenged my moral premise. I often woke up full, more from shame than from the meat itself. If I ate seafood the night before, I spent my mornings considering the water pollution offset by overfishing and farming fish. On a more emotional level, I thought about the fish and their fish lives, drifting in water only to be caught and eaten. I thought about what made me entitled to eating another sentient being. What was it about being human? Did my willpower snap in half under the weight of what others told me was simply natural for me to engage in?
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