Toothpaste Time

Hopping the Pond

Upon reaching my bathroom on Thursday, I realized that the tube was now a wrinkled shell. The toothpaste was finished and I almost burst into tears.
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How to interact in the residence hall bathrooms

It’s just another day when you walk into the bathroom and feel relieved to find that you can finally brush your teeth in peace without anyone in there loudly peeing or loudly singing a Spice Girls song. And then, not even 30 seconds later, alas, someone else walks in to brush their
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Say it one more time

Broke in Berkeley

“What are you doing?” I turned and looked over my shoulder to where my husband was standing. He was watching me at the bathroom sink as I scrubbed my face with an exfoliating pad covered in toothpaste. “Giving myself a facial. What does it look like?” “With toothpaste?” “Of course.”
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