Is Cal Football on its last down?

The Campus on a Hill

In 2009, in the aftermath of the Great Recession, Cal Football enjoyed a buoyant season, by the standards of recent memory. The team posted an 8-5 record, including a victory in the Big Game over Stanford. When USC came to town, California Memorial Stadium overflowed, with more than 70,000 fans
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Sex on Tuesday

Confession: I have never been in a committed relationship. I’ve also never held a boy’s hand in public or passionately made out under the twinkling twilight with someone I’ve had strong feelings for. In fact, I haven’t had strong feelings for another gay man in my life. Usually, I dupe
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50 UC Berkeley students from 50 states

It would be an understatement to say that UC Berkeley has a diverse student body. While our undergraduate population boasts a demographic of students from all over the world, the Clog decided to focus on those undergraduates who hail from each state in the United States. The students were asked a few
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For richer or for poorer

Broke in Berkeley

They came to me in the middle of the night. They were young and beautiful and dressed up like they were about to go out. I had about an hour’s warning, and their knock on the door was light so as to wake no one who wasn’t already up. When
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