Bay Area transportation receives $407 million to fund 11 projects

Photo of BART train
Kavya Narendra Babu/File
Bay Area transportation agencies competed against other regions in California to acquire a portion of $2 billion in funding from the California Transportation Commission, or CTC. The Bay Area received $407 million from the CTC in project funding.

On Thursday, the Bay Area received a total of $407 million from the California Transportation Commission, or CTC, to fund 11 projects.
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BART tests ShakeAlert early warning system

The ShakeAlert system detects initial seismic P-waves, which are nondamaging, to allow BART to prepare for the damaging S-waves that follow. The system was described as a lifesaver by lawmakers and BART representatives in a press conference following Monday’s demonstration.
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Worst places to be during an earthquake

Unless seismologists are just pulling a big scam to make us think their jobs are important, experts say California is overdue for a sizable earthquake. Where we’ll be during that earthquake is ultimately left to chance. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a sturdy desk or table to curl under. But
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