Learning to leave

“Ticket for 1 for the 2:30 showing of Zero Dark Thirty, please.” The theatre employee peered past my short frame to see if I was with anyone else. I looked back at him, waiting impatiently for him to complete my transaction. As I waited, I thought back to the previous
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Insurance for championship assurance

“Come on Dad, I don’t need to worry about travel insurance. There’s no way they’ll lose.” The Cal softball team was supposed to win the national championship, and I was supposed to cover them all the way to the finish. After a canceled flight and more than a thousand dollars
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VIDEO: Wanderer’s Union

The Wanderer’s Union is a non-competitive 24 hour long wandering event that challenges participants to travel to 24 places in 24 hours.

Istanbul, or Why has it taken me 20 years to get here

If your list of dream travel destinations does not currently include Istanbul, let me tell you, straight up: You’re doing it wrong. Move over Paris, Barcelona — these traditional European hotspots need to make room for the best thing you never knew you were missing. Do yourself a favor and
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Geneva: A chocolate fueled pilgrimage

Picture this: an adorable family of brown and white cows sits in a beautiful green pasture, a small town and a vast, white mountain range visible in the distance. This idyllic image is printed on small, perhaps 2 square centimeters, piece of paper, which is wrapped around a piece of
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We’ve found Carmen Sandiego

Life in the Matrix

Here I am, standing in the street. There’s a brisk chill in the air from a crisp wind. Around me I see Victorian-style houses made of boards, with turrets, steep tile roofs and stairs leading up to their doors. Some of the houses have attic windows which are mysteriously propped
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Athens in Limbo

Edinburgh got pretty frigid in February, so when I discovered that we had the third week off, I jumped at the chance of a getaway. I wasn’t picky. I figured any place further south would solve my vitamin D deficiency. When I told my friends and family that I was
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The pizza pilgrimage

Simply put, it is impossible to come to Italy without dedicating a good 30 percent of your time to enjoying the local cuisine. Truth be told, I probably spend about half of my day in the company of food of some variety, and more often than not, it’s pizza. Sure,
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Wise words from a well-traveled teddy bear

If my childhood teddy bear, Garry, owned a passport, it would boast stamps from five continents and over a dozen countries. It would also verify that his name is indeed spelled with two R’s, as I quite enjoyed double consonants in my youth and decided to include that particular quirk
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