Not a 2nd-class traveler

Off the Beat

Everywhere I travel, my family has had to both reassert our identity and tolerate the casual racism from enough of the locals for it to become a discernible issue. I am fed up with a binary system that refuses to accept that I am just as American as any white individual born and raised in the United States of America.
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UC Berkeley must work to introduce scooters on campus

Today, transportation represents roughly 40 percent of California’s carbon emissions, which signals that we urgently need to pursue alternative means of getting around. Although not a silver bullet, scooters represent a promising, sustainable and fun option.
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City of adventure: A week spent in Los Angeles

Known as the “City of Angels” to some and “La La Land” to others, Los Angeles has always been a second home to me, not simply because it happens to be where I was born, but because it truly registers as a city of a thousand adventures.
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