A paper forest

Laminated ink

I believed my teacher when she explained how drawing trees could help you find peace in the midst of chaos. I liked that idea.
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Four people plant trees at People's Park

We must protect People’s Park’s plant life

On Dec. 28, UC Berkeley cut down dozens of trees in People’s Park. The long-deferred maintenance was initiated to the disappointment of many community members. In People’s Park’s 50th year, we need to speak up to university and city officials and our neighbors to make sure this community landmark is
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An exhaustive review of UC Berkeley’s lawns

Seldom can two words, when placed together, do so much for the reader. If they can bring a light into one’s eyes and stir an often-contemplative and sometimes emotional reaction, then they give testament to the power of such a pairing. Yes, we are talking about “lawn care.” Great fortunes have been made over
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Your very own UC Berkeley tree guide

Whether we’re walking to Chem 3A, Psychology 1 or Underwater Basket Weaving 101, we rarely stop to think about the different kinds of foliage we pass by every day. Unless we’re forestry majors, rattling off the names of trees isn’t in our daily routine. But the Daily Clog worked with
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