Moving forward after Prop. 30

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: While Proposition 30’s victory is a relief, it is not a permanent fix. The state must re-evaluate its vision for higher education.

California needs a new long-term plan for public higher education. In the wake of the passage of Proposition 30 — whose rejection would have triggered a staggering $250 million budget cut to the University of California and a likely 20.3 percent tuition increase — it is easy for officials to
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A frozen force

HIGHER EDUCATION: The UC and CSU tuition freeze is great news for students and a result of legislators heeding to their advocacy and demonstration.

Sometimes progress and stagnation are one in the same. With a tuition freeze in California’s 2012-13 budget, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed last Wednesday, students in the UC and CSU systems will not face increasing education costs in the coming school year.
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Cuts to local school district possible if tax hike rejected

The Berkeley Unified School District could see cuts totaling more than $3.2 million if Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax hike is not approved, based on the proposed state budget for 2012-13. At its meeting Wednesday, the district’s Board of Education discussed several scenarios for how the district — which has a
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Trigger cuts further diminish UC budget

In 2011, the UC was rocked by a 9.6 percent fee increase and two cuts to state funding totaling $750 million, the most recent being a $100 million trigger cut, leaving the UC Board of Regents with a funding situation that has few popular remedies. This year, the UC will
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UC budget slashed by $100 million

Gov. Jerry Brown slashed the University of California’s budget by $100 million Tuesday, bringing the total budget reductions for the system to $750 million for the current fiscal year. Since state revenues fell more than $2.2 billion short of projections, Brown was forced to initiate “trigger cuts” to education and
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Vice chancellor presents campus budget challenges to faculty

As part of a series of conversations between UC Berkeley faculty members and campus leaders, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance John Wilton discussed the state of the campus budget and its challenges with the faculty Monday. In his presentation, Wilton stressed the importance of looking at multiple ways to
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Trigger cuts could indicate higher education low priority for state

The University of California could soon face an additional $100 million in preapproved, midyear trigger cuts — on top of $650 million already cut from the system this year — if state revenues fall significantly behind projected numbers. The Legislative Analyst’s Office and the state Department of Finance will release
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The blame game

HIGHER EDUCATION: With the midyear cuts to the UC guaranteed to occur, we continue to see our public leaders pointing fingers.

What we long knew to be inevitable has now been confirmed. In an interview with The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board Friday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said that Gov. Jerry Brown personally “assured” him that the UC will be hit with up to $100 million in midyear cuts, guaranteeing
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