When the freeze finally melts

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Support for South African students fighting against tuition hikes should be of crucial importance to UC students who will soon need to take similar action.

College students around the world should stand in solidarity with South African students, whose recent mass protests and riots, stemming from proposed fee increases of more than 10 percent, persuaded the government to freeze tuition for the next academic year. In the wake of declining state funding, rising costs of
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Break the ice

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: A plan to freeze tuition at first-year rates has positive intentions but is a poor solution that could do more harm than good.

There’s a difference between theory and reality. In theory, UC Irvine alumnus Chris Campbell’s plan to freeze undergraduate public college tuition at first-year rates is good. But in reality, the plan won’t work, and could very well do more harm than good. Freezing tuition does not address the real problem: the state government.
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A frozen force

HIGHER EDUCATION: The UC and CSU tuition freeze is great news for students and a result of legislators heeding to their advocacy and demonstration.

Sometimes progress and stagnation are one in the same. With a tuition freeze in California’s 2012-13 budget, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed last Wednesday, students in the UC and CSU systems will not face increasing education costs in the coming school year.
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