The UC Board of Regents’ proposed nonresident tuition hike undermines equity goals

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Nonresidents diversify the university community, and raising their tuition even more would merely exacerbate their financial struggles

Worried students at Sproul Plaza looking up at cloud that reads "Tuition Hikes"
Emily Bi/Staff

This Wednesday, the regents will consider implementing both an increase in tuition for nonresident students and a cap on their enrollment. Although the UC system is a public university that should primarily serve local students, Wednesday’s proposals would not only harm existing students but would also completely contradict the university’s mission statement of promoting educational equity.
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Why UC students need to reevaluate our tuition demands

Over 80 students from across the University of California mobilized at the November 17 UC Regents meeting, which discussed the impacts of a potential tuition hike. At that time, students at the margins, students the UC tries to forget and silence, showed up at the Regents’ doorstep. We showed up
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Chancellor Dirks, don’t tear down this wall

We at the Clog would like to voice our support regarding Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ new fence. There are absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. Part of what keeps us going as an institution is a commitment to change and innovation, and the existence of this fence embodies both of those
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Peering over the edge of the precipice

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: University of California students must advocate for the value of education and seek to increase the accessibility to the general public.

The University of California is at the edge of a precipice, at a critical moment for the future of the system. And we, as UC students, are forced into a unique position — simultaneously enrolled in one of the best higher education systems, reaping its benefits, while still suffering the
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Out-of-state, out of mind

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Regents’ decision to cut out-of-state financial aid to cover losses incurred by adding 10,000 in-state students hurts campus diversity levels.

In the calculations to balance the UC budget, cutting financial aid for out-of-state and international students does not add up. Slashing the support for a population that makes our campuses more diverse only heightens socioeconomic divisions between resident and nonresident students. After the deal reached last spring between UC President
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Enrollment expansion plan should prompt infrastructural improvements, too

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Increasing enrollment in the UC system will benefit all California citizens as long as the infrastructure is updated to prepare for them.

In the fight for more equitable education for California residents, UC President Janet Napolitano’s plan to enroll 10,000 more in-state undergraduate students in the University of California over the next three years — double the number the state is requiring, as per the state-and-UC funding agreement — is a major
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When the freeze finally melts

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Support for South African students fighting against tuition hikes should be of crucial importance to UC students who will soon need to take similar action.

College students around the world should stand in solidarity with South African students, whose recent mass protests and riots, stemming from proposed fee increases of more than 10 percent, persuaded the government to freeze tuition for the next academic year. In the wake of declining state funding, rising costs of
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