What kind of greens are you?

With Tender Greens opening up in Downtown Berkeley and Sweetgreen around the corner, the salad fiends of Berkeley are going to be torn. We’re expecting the biggest split since the Twilight fandom — we’re talking “Team Edward,” “Team Jacob” status. If you want to know which greens team to join, take the
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Picking up the pipe dream

Songs of Myself

Sitting in my apartment alone a few weeks ago, I started to enter full-on crisis mode. As usual, I was listening to Twenty One Pilots and getting emotional. No homework tonight? One large helping of existential crisis coming right up, ma’am. I was thinking about my future — a recipe
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Unburying my Internet self

Cutting Room Floor

“My name is Madrid, but call me Maddy. A real JAP, a Japanese-Jewish American Princess.” So read the excruciating bio of my old Polyvore account, a social media platform where you make and share “sets,” digital clothing collages that showcase capitalism at its finest. In case there was any confusion,
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