BASC denies guest lecturer, director David Romps resigns in protest

photo of McCone Hall
Erica Cardozo /Staff
Members of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center faculty denied UC Berkeley professor David Romps' request to invite University of Chicago associate professor at UC Berkeley. Following this, Romps stepped down from this position as director of the BASC.

David Romps alleged that BASC faculty rejected his request to invite speaker Dorian Abbot because of Abbot’s social and political beliefs. 
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Make Instagram casual again

In the long run, you might find that making your Instagram carefree and more personal is not only beneficial for your mental health but also a brilliant and candid time capsule to look back on. Instead of seeing a false identity or fictitious version of yourself, you can enjoy the real memories and random pictures that represent who you really are as you scroll through your feed.
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