Letter: It is time for a respectful speech movement

One of the most common critiques of U.S. politics today is the partisan gridlock that has led many to claim the current U.S. Congress as the least productive in the last 50 years. To many, Congress is all bark and no bite; members make the news not for passing legislation but for saying disparaging or controversial remarks.
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Symptoms of sequestration

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: If Congress fails to take prompt action, the UC system and the people of California will suffer as a result of sequestration.

Here is a glimpse of the austere world California is plunging into if Congress fails to get its act together soon: The state could lose as much as $795,000 in funding for assistance to domestic violence victims, about $87.6 million for primary and secondary education will be lost, around 9,600
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The elusive American compromise

The Critic Who Counts

Oh, my kingdom for a compromise — something is rotten in the state of American politics. Even as President Barack Obama stood before Congress in his 2013 State of the Union — practically begging the House and Senate for bipartisan reform on Medicare, the tax code, climate change, immigration and
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